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Becoming a duo Empty Becoming a duo

Post by Noob Saibot on Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:39 am

To become a duo to participate in the two and two tourney is quite simple, ask a friend if they wish to team with you and if they agree you have a pairing, however you can only belong to one pairing per duo tourney for example:

Noob Saibot and Smoke form a team, Sub Zero and Scorpion form a team, Kitana and Sindel form a team, however none of them can join another duo until the next tourney begins due to already belonging to a team.

For duoing any type of pairing is allowed, there is no restrictions on alliegance and you can even team with your nemesis, for instance.

Reptile belongs to the Warriors of Outworld but can Team with Johnny Cage despite him belonging to the Warriors of Earthrealm.

Sonya and Kano both belong to Warriors of Earthrealm but are nemesis'es however they can form a fragile alliance for the paired tournament.

Raiden is a warrior of Earthrealm and also the nemesis of Shao Khan, of whom belongs to the warriors of outworld, however they can come to mutual terms and form a team for the paired tournament.

Any further questions/queries dont hesistate to ask
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