Warriors of Earthrealm vs Warriors of Outworld

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Warriors of Earthrealm vs Warriors of Outworld Empty Warriors of Earthrealm vs Warriors of Outworld

Post by Noob Saibot on Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:50 am

This will be a large scale RPB that will pit one side against the other, NO HOLDS barred!

This will feature multiple battles or even one large battle going off all at once so it will require some activity from those that choose to participate and things such as ganging up, ambushing, blind-siding and even side swapping to form temporary alliances will be allowed (however temporary alliances must be kept from the members of the other sides as you will become distrusted and outcast from your side, becoming a mercenary and free game to anyone in play)

All Kombat Area's will be open during this and if someone so wishes to fight someone in one on one kombat they can lead them to an area and pray to the elder gods to seal the area off until a victor is decided, this can only be called upon ONCE per kombatant!

Remember however, the goal is for one side to become the victor, mercanaries cannot win no matter how lucky they may have been, it will take more than one warrior to defeat the might of Shao Khan or the power of Raiden (the respective leaders)

and to the victor, so shall the spoils go....Let Kombat Commense!
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