Warriors of Earthrealm

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Warriors of Earthrealm Empty Warriors of Earthrealm

Post by Noob Saibot on Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:48 am

This is the thread where the warriors of Earthrealm will be held, Chosen by Raiden to defeat the Emperor Shao Khan and his forces in Mortal Kombat.
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Warriors of Earthrealm Empty Smoke Biography

Post by Smoke on Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:07 pm

Name: Smoke
Age: 2 (28 before automation)
Height and Weight: 6ft 2, 400lbs
Affiliation: Earthrealm
Organisations: Lin Kuei, Brotherhood of Shadows
Speciality: Cyborg Lin Kuei Assassination Droid
Special moves:

Smoke bomb: Smoke becomes temporarly invisible allowing him to gain the advantage of sneak attacks, however he still leaves footprints and can be knocked out of this mode.

Trident wire: Smokes chest compartment opens and fires out a Trident attached to a steel wire in a linear motion, anyone caught by this attack will be dragged towards Smoke

Smokeycut: Smoke fires up his rockets and launches himself upwards in an uppercut motion, will floor an opponent that is caught with this move.

Smoke Screen: Smoke opens the pressure valve on his Smoke emitter leaving a thick cloud of choking smoke where he formally was, acts as a disorientation and distraction device.


Terminate Target: Smoke turns invisible and stalks his bewildered opponent before quickly slicing there throat with a wrist blade sending blood gushing out in every direction and then brutally splitting the body from its torso in a second swift motion, leaving a gorey and mutilated corpse as a message.

Brain Surgery: Smoke flicks out a buzz saw attachment and begins sawing into his opponents skull, the screams of the tortured individual ring out as Smoke reaches in and grabs hold of there brain and yanks it out with the spinal column still attached.

Personality: Cold, Ruthless and extremely efficent, as a Cyborg Automation Smoke's only goal is to exterminate anyone that has been deemed a threat to the Lin Kuei or the Brotherhood of Shadows.

Biography: When the Lin Kuei chose to automate there Assassins, Smoke got caught in the middle, choosing not to undergo the procedure, he and Sub Zero attempted to escape however Smoke was caught and forced to undergo the automation. All that is left is an emotionless killer, his current orders...Enter the Tournament and eliminate all threats including the renegade Sub Zero....

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