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Post by Noob Saibot on Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:46 pm

All members upon signing up to the forum are expected to follow the code of conduct below, failure to follow the code of conduct may lead to warnings, infractions, suspensions and even possibly permanent bans:

1. Spamming/Rickrolling/Flaming is not tollerated and will earn you a private warning, continual offenders may recieve infractions or even suspensions. Flaming may lead to further action being taken dependent on the nature which could lead to a permanent removal of the users account.

2. All posts must be kept in character! unless the thread specifically states, you must remain in character at all times when posting in other threads, posting out of character will lead to post deletion, warnings and possibly infractions for repeat offenders.

3. Bad language and leud behaviour, although some characters may act in this manner, any unwanted advances or bad language that is uncalled for may lead to action being taken against the offending member, Sexual discrimination in any way shape or form will give you a one way ticket to the cooler (suspension)

4. This is a mature forum so please act with maturity! All members will come into conflict with graphic detail in the form of writing, this is afterall the Mortal Kombat universe so there is going to be a lot of blood and a lot of guts in the written sense, do not come crying to the moderators if your character got splattered and it was a bit upsetting for you, this is going to happen so you have been warned!

5. God modding is outright forbidden in any way shape or form, anyone caught godmodding will find themselves dealing with a suitable punishment dependent on the mods choosing, remember, do not incur the Wrath of the Elder Gods!

6. Psuedo modding is a big no no, there are mods to handle issues that may be getting out of hand so if someone is breaking the site them to your mods, attempting to psuedo mod will gain you a warning or even an infraction.

7. There is no perma death of characters here, even if they are killed in Kombat by a particulary nasty fatality, so do not worry about losing your characters should your character be subjected to FINISH HIM/HER the elder gods will restore your character to life to fight another day.

8. Botting/Advertising/Scamming anyone caught doing any of this will recieve a straight perma ban, no questions asked, affilate advertising is allowed, but any other form of advertising is a straight ban.

9. Duplicate accounts ARE allowed, due to the nature of the forum you are allowed to create up to 3 characters, EACH one must be named after your character you wish to be known as, however you must make each account known amongst the staff or any duplicate account that has not been notified to staff may be subject to removal.

10. Porn/Warez and all that stuff is outright forbidden and may earn you a straight suspension or perma ban, dont do it, simple as.
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