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Post by Noob Saibot on Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:58 pm

Each battle will be designated a zone at random by the chosen officiator, these Kombat zones will have there own positives and negatives, heres a preview of a few of them:

The living forest: An ancient forest deep in Edenia where the very trees have been corrupted by Shao Khan's evil and have come to life, Kombatants will find the dense forest and excellent place to hide and set up ambushes, with those of reptilic nature will feel at home as they can blend in with there surroundings.

The Armory: An weapons facility normally used by Shao Khan's forces to store there gear when they are at rest. Anything found in the armory can be used to your advantage from pikes to spikes, this is one of the more brutal Kombat zones availible.

The Pit: A long and narrow bridge suspended above a giant gorge, one false move could see a happless victim plummetting to the unwelcoming spikes below!
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