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Character Creation Template. Empty Character Creation Template.

Post by Noob Saibot on Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:14 pm

Here is the template for character creation.

Height and Weight:
Affiliation: Outworld or Earthrealm
Organisations: if applicable, ie: Lin Kuei, Outworld Maurauders
Speciality: Expert martial artist? Cryomancer? Cyborg? Speciality goes here.
Special moves: List your special moves here, each character is allowed up to 4 special moves of which they may execute at any time, afterall this is Mortal Kombat.
Fatality: Describe your characters fatality here in as much detail as you can, for instance: Sub Zero's Deep Freeze would be "Sub Zero calls heavily upon the elements of frost and ruthlessly bombards his helpless opponent until they are frozen solid and completely immobile, with a devestating uppercut, he shatters his opponent into several pieces leaving nothing but fragments of congealed blood and guts behind" Each character can have 2 fatalities MAX
Biography: Describe a little bit about your characters history, why they are in the tournament and maybe even a little bit about there nemesis.
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